Intermediate System – Learn Calisthenics

Course Curriculum


  • System introduction
  • How to use the System
  • Our Store
  • Equipment needed

Proper form explanation

Mobility tests

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Horizontal push exercises

Vertical push exercises

Horizontal pull exercises

Vertical pull exercises

Core exercises

Legs exercises

Intermediate System

Course Duration: 06h 24m

About Course

Intermediate system is dedicated to everyone who passed our Beginner System or can do atleast 10 Pull ups and 20 push ups. In this course you will be provided with 5 LEVEL intermediate training system which will get you to atleast 15 pull ups and 40 push ups and other intermediate exercises achieved such as wall handstand push ups, tuck planche push ups and much more. This program will get you prepapared for advanced calisthenics skills such as front lever, planche, handstand push ups and much more!
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You want to master calisthenics

We will provide you with a clear training system that will be matched to your starting level. Routines you will be provided are going to indicate exact amount of repetitions and sets to perform. All exercises are presented on videos so that you know how to perform them properly.

You have some workout experience

If you consider yourself a person who already can do pull ups and push ups but still struggle to get over 15 pull ups and 40 push ups this program will let you achieve this goal. It will also consolidate your knowledge regarding bodyweight training.

You want to avoid injuries

It may happen that you want to start calisthenics training but are not sure about the proper form. We explained basic calisthenics exercises in depth on highest quality videos. Our goal is to let you stay injury free and not repeat common beginner mistakes.

You want to improve your progress

Our beginner system has a clean progression system which will allow you to progress effectively. We will adjust the easier variations of basic exercises to let your body prepare for heavier load and strengthen for more advanced exercises.

What I will learn?

  • Proper form of all exercises;
  • Graduate from intermediate to advanced athlete;
  • Basic knowledge of workout programming;
  • Basic progressions for front lever and planche;
  • How to avoid common mistakes limiting your progress;

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Get stronger and enhance mobility. Gain confidence and satisfaction.

I decided to switch from weights training into calisthenics workout and it was definitely one of the best training decision I took. I appreciate this program provides depth explanation.

- Jake Rivet

I like the structure of this course, been following it already for 4 weeks and can already see a difference! Looking forward to start mobility courses.

- Max Ferlemann

I used several calisthenics online programs, this one was definitely the best choice. Not only it provides a routines to follow but has a great progression system which keeps me motivated!

- Anes Alekic


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