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You want to try something new

Freestyle calisthenics is a lifestyle considered by many as the most satisfying and rewarding path in bodyweight training. Find passion in breaking boundaries, overcoming fear, and being creative on the bars. Including dynamics in your training takes you a step closer towards mastering your body and becoming a complete athlete.

You want to learn dynamic skills

We provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to learn mind-blowing freestyle calisthenics skills. Starting with simple movements such as swings and dynamic muscle-ups, through different spins (front, elbow, back), and finishing with Shrimp Flips, 360s and complex sequences.

You want to avoid injuries and stay safe

Preparation matters. Over a decade of experience in freestyle calisthenics has taught our coaches that proper warm-up, safe setup, dynamic stretching, and dedicated exercises are crucial to avoid injuries and sustain progress. We cover everything you need to know to stay safe, as well as share secret tips and tricks that professional athletes use in their training.

You want to improve your progress

Implementing dynamic movements into your workout routine not only makes it infinitely more fun to train but also allows you to improve your mind and body in many ways. Exploring this area of calisthenics will greatly enhance your endurance, agility, balance, and ability to perform powerful movements.

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I decided to switch from weights training into calisthenics workout and it was definitely one of the best training decision I took. I appreciate this program provides depth explanation.

- Jake Rivet

I like the structure of this course, been following it already for 4 weeks and can already see a difference! Looking forward to start mobility courses.

- Max Ferlemann

I used several calisthenics online programs, this one was definitely the best choice. Not only it provides a routines to follow but has a great progression system which keeps me motivated!

- Anes Alekic

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