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Once signed in, you will receive a questionnaire to fill. Our nutritionist will reach out to you within 12 hours upon filling in the form.


Based on the answers given in the questionnaire and during the consultation call, our nutritionist will provide you with a tailored nutrition plan together with clear and easy to follow instructions.


How does the process of preparing my nutrition plan look like?

The individual plan is prepared based on detailed information regarding your state of health, training program, silhouette goals and culinary preferences. You will be asked to fill in a nutritional and medical questionnaire, followed by a consultation. Each meal in the menu contains a list of ingredients (including amounts) and a description how to prepare the dish (recipe). In addition, the plan includes a table with all meals for a particular week (to hang on the fridge), as well as a shopping list.


You will receive your plan withing 5 working days.

Do I need to have any medical tests done before starting a co-op?

Tests are not necessary to start our cooperation, but it is definitely worth doing them, especially if you have been struggling with any worrying symptoms for a long time. Keep in mind that it is your doctor's responsibility to diagnose. Myself, as a dietitian, will help you adjust your diet and supplementation accordingly to improve your health and well-being. It is a standard practice to have following tests done (at least once a year):


- morphology

- lipid profile

- urinalysis test

- insulin and fasting glucose


If you experience energy deficiency, depressive episodes or difficulties with weight reduction, it is also worth doing:

- Vitamin D level determination in serum

- Thyroid function tests (TSH, ft3, ft4)

What do the dietary recommendations specifically cover?

The dietary recommendations in the form of a pdf file include the general principles of the proposed diet, a list of suggested tests to be performed (if necessary), indications concerning supplementation and notes on the menu and shopping list.

Is it possible to modify the menus?

Each menu is tailored INDIVIDUALLY, according to your needs, goals, physical activity, cooking skills and preferences. If you are not satisfied with the plan or would like to make changes, there is a maximum of 2 amendments allowed.

I really like sweets and I don't want to give them up when on diet. Is this possible?

As a clinical dietitian, I believe that the best diet is the one that we can maintain in the long term. Sweets in moderate quantity can constitute a part of daily diet. Sometimes a constant craving for sweets may be a symptom of nutritional deficiencies or carbohydrate metabolism disorders (e.g. insulin resistance). The proper consultations may help to exclude the possible causes of such craving.

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