Beginner Dynamics – Learn Calisthenics

Course Curriculum


  • How to use Beginner Dynamics System
  • Stay safe and avoid injuries
  • How to deal with calluses on your hands?

Warm Up

How to do a proper swing

How to overcome fear

Freestyle safety rules

Jump over the bar 180

Elbow Spin

Front Spin

Back Spin

Korean Flip

Dragon 360 Spin

Muscle Up Jump over the bar

Beginner Dynamics

Course Duration: 0

About Course

In this course, Thanh and Korash share their experience on how to start training to unlock dynamic skills such as Jump Over The Bar, Elbow Spin, Dragon 360, and others. Our coaches explain proper techniques, showcase progressions, and share their secret tips and tricks on how to overcome fear, and progress faster while staying safe and injury-free. Sign up today and benefit from years of experience obtained by Thanh and Korash!
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